The minidigger is determinated to carry out small-earth-moving, especially below its travelling level: excavating channels for water distribution lines, electro-cabels, cable TV, gas piping, drainage, excavating foundation of smaller buildings, loading earth to other conveyances, execution of park arrangements etc.



The minidigger is highly movable and it shows a high terrain passage ability, relatively high output and high reliability. It can easily be transported by means of a larger passenger car or a delivery truck. The separate outlet of the hydraulic pump enables to connect further attachments. Regarding the machine`s passaging ability (width profile of 800 mm), it can by also be used for interior works.


The independent output of the integral hydraulic pump permits connection of numerous accessories through the built - in Hydraulic Power Take - Off (PTO).


The hydraulic arms and external accessories are controlled by joysticks. The independent hydraulic motors on the front wheels enable excellent maneuverability and self-motion at speed up to 5 Km/h.